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Navigating Our New Foundation!




We are walking in brand new times!  Our planet and it's vibration has changed significantly.  We are creating new realities as we go.  It is important to understand how powerful we are and how we are creating our new story with every thought, word and action.  Are you having a tough time healing and releasing the past, finding your passion and joy, creating a life that you love?  Join Carolyn as she acts as a bridge assisting you in navigating from the old "in-the-box training" into our new Foundation.  We will share and discuss together the daily challenges that arise,  explore new ideas, guidance, healing and meditation to assist in the transformation into the new foundation and a beautiful new life, you can thrive in.

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Generational Healing



Recently there have been tremendous planetary shifts.   People are stepping into a new time and a new foundation, which may be uncomfortable to navigate through.  In this two-hour Generational Healing workshop, one will learn to identify some of the residual generational patterns and blocks that can keep one from moving forward to a vibrant life.  After becoming aware of the blocks and patterns -while keeping precious memories, lessons and growth – one is able to leave the past behind, clean the slate, and create a brand-new story. Students will participate in a transformational guided meditation to help release old patterns and promote healing, which may assist in freeing oneself from the ties /contracts of past family lines all the way through to present and future family lines (children/grandchildren).

As we step into an expanded version of ourselves in this new space and time, we are able to access more of our full potential. This is key in bringing about the necessary transformations, that can clear the path for creating a new and extraordinary story!

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