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Carolyn Kaufman

Intuitive Life Coach

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My deepest passion is to empower people, to aid them to follow their heart and in remembering who they are, and what role they are here to play. My main focus is in guiding, them back to a path of loving themselves, taking care of themselves and following the nudges of their heart.  I believe as we all remember how to do this within our own lives, we help to shift the experience here on this planet at this time.  

I believe that I am here to play a bridge for many though the transitions we and our planet are going through at this time.  I have had visions since I was a child and received guidance in 2000 that I was to set up a community.  I call it The Free 2 BE ME Whole Living Community.  It is a self sustaining community.  Since then I have been holding space and working towards creating this community that will also be a template for sharing this higher, heart centered consciousness, communications and connection with all involved, lifestyle with our planet,  and all who desire.   

I enjoy and  work with Empowerment, in all areas of life:  Personal, relationship, financial, career, family,  Relationships, Family- parent/children guidance, physical/emotional/energetic healing, Nutrition, mind/body/spirit connection, intuition, and more. 

Since my training with Gunter Benz and then Doreen Virtue in 1998, I have surrendered myself to be used as a vehicle for the Divine Design to use and flow through.  I have always had great visions of what our world can look like and have been guided that I play a role in helping to build that new foundation.  I have just learned to follow the nudges that come along and allow that flow to guide my life and where it leads me.   I share what I learn and what helps me, with all who come across my path (those who desire it).

I assist people to perceive their experiences in new ways, to learn how to understand the messages that are being shared all around and through their bodies and how everything connects.  I teach simple, yet effective tools (affirmations, intention setting, breathing, grounding, energy tools, nutrition, mind-body-connection etc.) and share simple steps that they can utilize  to assist them through their transitions!  

I love to assist people in moving through judgement and into a place of compassion where they can realize that there is value in everything and everyone.   This also assists them in letting go of what no longer serves them and open themselves up to the new unlimited possibilities. And ultimately a life of freedom and joy!

Carolyn Kaufman is the founder of The Labyrinth of LIfe, Free 2 B ME 4Ever, The Children of Today, and Rainbow Touch Healing.  She was the Youth Area Coordinator for H20 United by Love 2009, and Leaders Causing Leaders 2010.  Carolyn is the author of “Free to B ME, Under the Sea” and “The Labyrinth of Life”.  She is an intuitive Life Coach, Healer, critically acclaimed Counselor, and Mother of four.  Her groundbreaking seminars, workshops, classes and sessions for adults, children and teens are offered in numerous public venues and through privately sponsored national educational initiatives.  You can visit her on Facebook or for Juice Plus ,,  Labyrinth of Life on Facebook, and Free 2 B ME on Facebook and Pranangel's Creative Expressions on Facebook.

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