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"I have had the privilege and blessing of knowing Carolyn since 2010, when she quite successfully organized the entire curriculum for the Children's Program of the Leaders Causing Leaders Conference held at the Long Beach Convention Center.  I was fortunate enough to be a part of this experience and I have admired Carolyn ever since.  Carolyn is a spiritual phenomena with a very forward view of life.  Carolyn's programs are inspired to allow every person the freedom to be who they are - and to celebrate that person.  I am grateful for the association and friendship I have with Carolyn and I wholeheartedly recommend her programs as well as her inspired vision."

Planet Rehab

Gary Mitchell

Executive Director

(323) 350-0873


Protecting the environment by nurturing the relationship between humanity and nature.

The universe brought Carolyn, into my life when I needed her and I’ve been grateful ever since. From my first clearing with Carolyn I’ve been able to dig down into the layers of my life and align myself with my true intentions. Her intuitive guidance has not only been incredibly and consistently accurate, but she has helped me prepare myself for the obstacles ahead and what I should be doing next when they occur. She also has an ability to alleviate all my stress and worries. I feel a new sense of calm immediately after speaking with her.  

Carolyn truly wants to help people help themselves to overcome blocks, negative thoughts, fears, challenges and so on.  She has a unique way of explaining present situations so anyone can easily understand where she’s coming from – then it’s up to us to take her advice, be thankful and overcome and move forward. Thank you universe for Carolyn!

Anna Ledesma

Carolyn is a spiritual teacher and coach that helps people powerfully move forward in their life.   My memory of her is that she is very modest and is really more than she says she is. Anyone fortunate enough to be a part of her events, whether they are at a large conference or a home event, or one on one, will see, feel and hear her unique talent and energy. She is a visionary and guide that can help individuals and groups reach their potential. Carolyn is a rare gem. Just her positive calm energy alone is worth working with her but she is so much more. I happily offer Carolyn Kaufman my highest recommendation.

~ Spanda Makt, founder: Soul Based Living 

Carolyn Kaufman is a force of nature…
Her vision is guided by the power of her love for all of life.
She has such a passion to create harmony, joy and peace among all the dimensions that our universe has brought us; from every day daily living as human beings on this precious planet to the Angelic Realm we hear and dream about that inspire and protect us.
Carolyn has dedicated her life into learning to create new paradigms that will bring us closer to understanding our true purpose in our life, for example, “Free to be me.”  She is like the guiding light that leads us to see It’s all about blossoming into a higher level for the good of all things… with a positive and loving attitude as we journey forward towards God’s light.  With her manner of coaching us through our ups and downs in life it is a hopeful and promising assurance that it’s going be alright!
She guides us into believing and utilizing our inner power to be supportive and
Compassionate beings together for the betterment of our world.
She reminds us to let go of the things that don’t serve a purpose for us anymore…
And that we can empower ourselves and others…as we choose to celebrate a win, win experience.

A friend, student and participant of the labyrinth of life!
Cui Cui Rangel
Angel Warriors Entertainment
(Performing Artist, advocate for creating a better world through music, joy and unity.)

Carolyn's spiritual insight has opened me up to so many tools and practices, and has led me to a much more positive perspective. Her gentle and loving approach helped walk me through my inner conflicts. I've turned my life around in ways I never could have seen for myself and she's been that presence, that guidance to help get me there! Carolyn has shown me that with self love to allow me to be who I really am, I can create an awesome life experience for myself. I love her meditation circles! They are a wonderful time of support, guidance and relaxation in a safe and loving space. I'm so grateful for our experiences together in the more than 30 years I've know her.

Erika Villegas

I was at an event about 20 years ago and saw Carolyn from across the room. Carolyn’s energy was magnetic, warm yet powerful.  Since then I have attended many of  Carolyn’s  events for free to be me kids and have gleaned from her creativity raising my own kids. Carolyn is so loving and spiritual her intuition is another gift. Carolyn feels for everyone. Being in Carolyn’s presence is healing and safe. 

 Namaste  Nancy Keller

“I regularly attended a monthly spiritual circle led by Carolyn at a bookstore in Whittier, California. She was very intentional about maintaining the energy in the space and guided the attendees through the session. She has an open, compassionate, patient and present way of being. Working with her provided a safe and nurturing environment to reflect and better connect with my own intuition and emotions. Carolyn is a gentle guide who will support you in seeing what you need to see in yourself at the right time.”


-Nathan Harding Actor, New York, NY


I met Carloyn I believe in 2009 

During a Changelling time  in my life.

Since the first moment I met her I felt her energy very loving and Peaceful and Angelic  energy.  She gave me Peace through her Beautiful gifts and gave me comfort and confirmation.  She told me about my Job and what I would be doing in the future she was very spot on everything she told me. I can say she was one the first teacher to help me through my spiritual journey . Will always be grateful for her and her beautiful  teachings. Thank You Carloyn.

Eva Ledesma

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