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2012 -  The Year of Powerful Change!


Can anyone say WOW?? It seems so surreal to realize we are almost through our first month of 2012. About a decade and a half ago I remember first hearing about the significance of the year 2012. It seemed like it was a lifetime away. In many ways, looking back now, it feels like it has been a lifetime ago since those days. There is so much controversy and much debate over what the year 2012 is all about and what it may or may not usher in. I feel guided to share some of what I feel for this year, but first I want to share a little about 2011.


2011 was such an incredible year. It was filled with opportunities for tremendous growth, clearing, reflection, boundary setting, foundation strengthening, preparation, and lots of transformation.


Every seeming challenge was part of this process. Many of us are now aware of the time of quickening. This is the time we find ourselves in. What used to take a long time can now happen in minutes. With each year that has brought us closer to 2012, has come intense flows of energy.  As the vibration on this planet is speeding up, so are the waves of energy!  In 2011, we really had the chance to feel, and for many, observe this taking place in our own lives.  With these new waves of energy flowing into and through our lives at such great speed, the old slow and dense energies were being swept away.  We have been seeing this a great deal, within our own family dynamics, relationships, finances, business, education, religion, and just about every possible area.  The old foundations are crumbling away, right beneath us.  This must happen so the new foundations can be born.  And as you might already be aware of, this is happening regardless of who or how we might resist.


One of the beautiful lessons that 2011 brought in very clearly (at least for me), is that when we let go and go along with the transformations, we make room for many new and wonderful blessings. When, however, we resist the change, struggles and challenges appear. The strength of our seeming challenges will depend on how much we resist.


Another very powerful lesson that I experienced was the act of acceptance. I hadn’t realized what a challenge I was having with accepting certain experiences in my life that I did not like. I guess I thought that I had to like them to accept them. And since there was no way that I was going to like these specific experiences, I couldn’t accept them. The problem with this was, no matter how I tried to ignore, deny or rationalize it, I could not move forward or change the situation.  With lots of help from my inner wisdom/guidance and friends, I realized I had been drawing these struggles and hurtful situations into my life because I would not accept something that had happened many years ago.  I then received some very helpful inner guidance, which told me something very simple.  I did not have to like what happened to accept it.  What a concept.  I didn’t have to convince myself to like it, I only had to accept what had happened.  Whether I liked it or not, it wasn’t going to change the fact that it happened.  I could release it now, and let it be the past.  Now I could move into today, and listen to my heart to guide me in knowing what to do and how to handle it.  The whole lesson of learning about what I wasn’t accepting and learning to accept it, came along with a very uncomfortable physical experience.  As I was going through this, I realized that I was releasing years of unresolved gunk that my body had been holding for me.  Even though I didn’t like what I was feeling while going through this physically, I was excited about the idea of clearing my body of the old and damaging patterns and energy.  This leads me to something else I am guided to share with you.


Coming back to the intense energies that are flowing in ... there are many processes we are experiencing due to these flows.  One is what I talked about above, that the new energy is basically pushing out the old.  Another important part to understand is that in these times, due to this raising of the vibration occurring on our planet, we are also raising our own vibrations. We are evolving emotionally, energetically, and spiritually.  What we tend to forget is that as we do this, our body must expand and shift to allow this evolution to happen.  Think about it like a bit of growing pains, if you will.  In our forgetfulness, we tend not to extend compassion and patience to ourselves and our bodies.  This leads to either more or longer periods of struggle or both.  I find just by becoming aware of this and remembering to hold a space of compassion, gentleness and patience for our bodies to catch up and assimilate all this new growth, it can help us walk through this time without getting lost in it.  2011 was a year of becoming closer with our bodies, to listening to them.  If you haven’t heard or felt that call yet, it is a really great idea to start allowing your body to speak to you and show you what it needs and as well as what it no longer requires!  It’s a great time to really pamper and adore our physical vehicles.  Regardless of what pain or discomfort you may be experiencing, just think about how much your vehicle has been through so far.  Think back through your years and see what you have put your body through.  Our bodies have been through everything from dieting, to over-exertion, toxins, processed food, malnutrition, neglect, verbal abuse, dehydration, criticism, blame, guilt, punishment, lack of love, etc.  When I looked back, I felt a whole new level of love, admiration and gratitude for my body that it is doing as well as it is.  What incredible vehicles we have been blessed with.  And truly we are just barely hitting the surface of what they are capable of.  More of that to come in the next few years, just wait and see!!


It was a huge year of taking a further step towards loving the self.  You might have noticed this showing up in relationship and/or family challenges.  Due to our being such wonderful students of the in-the-box training, many of us learned to play a role that was not true to our own heart. We became so good at those roles that we continually gave our power away to everyone and everything outside of ourselves, to ensure us playing those roles so well.  For many years we have been awakening to the understanding of this happening.  However in 2011, it was taken up a few notches.  We began being pushed to our limits, and for some of us, in many areas.  We had many loving beings playing very significant but seemingly awful roles in our lives to, in fact, empower us to step up, to set boundaries, to speak up, to take action, and to be true to ourselves.  This was very uncomfortable for some to get used to.  We were constantly becoming aware and being given the opportunity to clear inherited, genetic patterns.  This was also very powerful and timely!  It was setting us up for an amazingly successful 2012.  The more we cleared in 2011 and prior to, the more we can soar in 2012 and beyond.


You can see how important 2011 was for our growth. It brought to our awareness the patterns and beliefs that were no longer serving us, and gave us many opportunities to change them.  It was an intense year of preparation for what is coming!


How appropriate - 2012 – the Year of the Dragon.  In the Chinese Horoscope the Dragon is the most auspicious and powerful of the 12 signs of the zodiac, associated with high energy, prosperity, mobility and change.  Regardless of what you might believe that this year holds for you and us, I believe we all know and feel the power within it!  If you break 2012 down, it is a 5. I have learned 5’s to be about great change.  We have all felt and observed the fast momentum our world is moving in.  We have all done so much preparation, and continue to become more and more aware every day.  We are remembering and being guided back to our heart and unity.  Sure, we still have more to go to move into “Macro-Consciousness" (want to learn more about this read “2150 A. D.” by Thea Alexander), but we have made a huge dent this year.


There are so many different beliefs and prophecies being shared in our world today, about this year and the years to come.  I have been guided that we are in a brand new time, a time where NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, can tell you for sure what tomorrow holds.  Now I understand for some, this might not feel so comfortable to hear.  However, for me, I love this.  I recognize this as a sign of our evolution, our consciousness and the powerful times we are in.  We are waking up to who we really are, to the “Divine Design” that resides within us.  We are remembering that we can create with our thoughts.  We are remembering to take our own power back and to choose for ourselves.  We are starting to remember that we are all connected, that we are One. We are remembering that the Law of Attraction is ALWAYS at play, no matter what seems to be happening.  And with all these insightful experiences occurring in this time of quickening, NO ONE knows what will happen in the next minute, because we are constantly changing it now. This is the beauty of the time we are entering.  It is a whole new game.  We are making Universal history!!


Over the last decade and a half, I have been awakened to so much that is happening behind the scenes, so to speak.  Many might refer to what I am speaking of as the different conspiracy theories that are out there.  I have gone through probably every possible emotion about it all.  I spent a lot of time in fear with much of it, from vaccinations, to chem trails, earth changes, a group of beings who seem to be in control, underlying and unknown wars happening, disclosure, and so much more.  Through my own processing this last year, I have come to another realization about it all.  I am guided to share this with you.


First, by fearing any of it, we give our power to it, and based on the Law of Attraction, which is always in play, we then help it to grow, or become a reality.  I believe that this is what many Beings hope and encourage us to do.  It helped me to start becoming aware that when the fear or frustration would slip in, then I could start shifting my thoughts from it more and more... shifting from fear of what might be, back to surrendering and being/living in the moment.  I started to recieve more and more guidance to pray or send out as many waves of love, gratitude and compassion as possible.  I was guided to understand that everything that is or was happening, was happening for a reason, and leading us towards an outcome that is for highest good of all concerned.  Then I was nudged to bring my focus back upon the moment and follow my own heart, as it guided me to what my role is in that moment.  I am learning how powerful this truly is.


It is really quite simple.  When we put into action all that we have been learning over the years, and start to really apply it, we open the doors to unlimited possibilities, to creating and experiencing “Heaven on Earth".  I would love to share some of these principles that help me walk through the fears, and the unknown. They are simple affirmations many of us have learned through the years such as:


"I trust the process of life".


"Life brings me only positive experiences." "


I am safe".


"I am loved."


"I am supported in All ways, Always."


"Everything is in Divine perfect order and timing."


"My source comes from within, and it is unlimited and ever-flowing."


"Everything happens for a reason."


If, instead of just saying these words, you feel them and know them to be true, then that is all that can be.  It is the Law of Attraction and this law is ALWAYS in play.  That means that no matter what happens today or tomorrow, YOU will experience it based on the focus of your thoughts.  To take this a step further, imagine hundreds, thousands, millions of people knowing, affirming and claiming the above principles.  Which in fact, is in the process of happening now, that is all that we would see and know in our world.  Before it can happen, we must believe it to be possible and desire it equally.  2012 is a very special year, where we will see this more clearly demonstrated every moment.  It will offer us practice, and the opportunity to build and/or strengthen this foundation within ourselves and our world.


It is important to remember to have compassion for ourselves and those we share this journey with.  We have been great students of the in-the-box training in our lives, and thus it is a process for each to come to this level of knowing.  The great news is that it is possible for this to happen faster than ever before.  And it is important to remember that whatever timing it takes to happen is perfect too.  This is not a race, it is a journey to be experienced.  We each came into this journey for a different purpose and to share our unique expressions of the Divine Design that we are all a part of.


This year will offer so many, many opportunities for everyone.  We no longer have to judge any experience.  We can now just sit back, follow our heart, Be who we are here to Be, play the role we are here to play (whatever that might be, knowing every role is perfect and significant) and enjoy our time together and along this journey.


What an extraordinary time we are entering.  We have all chosen to be here at this time, making Universal history together!  Regardless of what adventures lie before us, I know in my heart they will be Awesome, and will lead us into a future beyond what we can imagine for ourselves.  I know that we are all one, and therefore, every role is another piece of our whole puzzle and is important.  I know that every seeming challenge offers an opportunity for growth, strength, and is building a new foundation.  I trust the process of life, so no matter what the adventures might look like, it is opening a path for something even more amazing to appear.  I know that I am loved, supported and safe, and when I might be experiencing a seeming obstacle, or struggle, it is just a reminder to let go, get out of the way and allow myself to align with the Infinite Source.  Everything is in perfect Divine timing and order, which means everything that is happening, whether it’s how I thought or not, is working for my highest good and the highest good of all concerned.  I know that I am supported in all ways, always, and when I do not see my needs or desires being met, it just means I have made the mistake in thinking of giving something outside of myself credit for being my source, or I do not believe it to be possible or have the true desire for it.  All I have to do, is remember the truth, follow my heart and know that I am Free to Be ME!!

From the bottom of my heart, I extend much love, gratitude, appreciation and compassion for you!! I am so excited to be on this journey with you and look forward to this Incredible New Year and the unlimited potential and blessings that are unfolding for us!!


Many Blessings

Carolyn Kaufman

2011 Year of Joy 


    Hello and Happy New Year.  Welcome to 2011. Wow so close to the long awaited and highly controversial 2012!

It’s hard to believe that we are here already.  I remember talking about 2012 over a decade ago, like it was a lifetime away!  Here we now stand with 2012 right around the corner! And after seeing how fast 2010 slipped away, it really feels very close now!


I have been asking for guidance since we welcomed the New Year in, as for what I would be writing about.  It’s taken until just a few minutes ago for the inspiration to hit.  Last year I received guidance that we were in for a year of getting into alignment with what we were requesting or desiring within our lives.  Let me tell you, I had no idea what that was really going to look like!  I thank goodness I did not know what it was going to look like.  I don’t know about you, but for me it was an incredible year of very core transitions!  I will confess the guidance was completely accurate!  The experiences of this year stirred me to the deepest depths within my being.  It brought to the surface all the inherited patterns, thoughts, habits and old perceptions and beliefs that were not in alignment with the lifestyle and movie I wanted to create. 


There were many beautiful souls who participated in this unveiling.  They loved me so much, that they played roles to assist me in recognizing the conflicting patterns.  Let me tell you, they did so very convincingly, for some time had me really feeling the illusion.  They helped to bring me to the edge, where I could come face to face with the big, bad fears that have driven me for so long.  It’s amazing how much False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR), one can accumulate over four decades.  I find it also amazing how as much as I felt I was surrendering, there seemed to always be another level to let go of.  Each experience of this year helped me exercise my practice of surrender, and kept me stretching and stretching those muscles.  Funny how I learned I was not in as fit of shape as I imagined. 


All in All, for me it was a phenomenal year.  By Thanksgiving time, I had come to a whole other level of loving myself, appreciating myself, and of being ready to receive.  By the end of the year, as I was releasing more inherited genetic patterns, I felt much more open, joyful and very grateful.  My experiences started to reflect the changes I had made and the perceptions I had changed, and it was a wonderful end to a very full, challenging and transitional year.  I realize this was the case for many of us this year.  It was a beautiful year of learning, stretching, growing and preparing beyond any possible expectations we could have had.


Now in the beginning of this New year I feel very blessed and ready for the magic to unfold.  I release all expectations to what that might look like, however I now wholeheartedly trust the process of life.  I know that life brings me only positive experiences, and I trust that everything happens for a reason and in perfect Divine Timing and Order. 


There has been much guidance that has been shared with me about this year and about what would be for the highest good for me to focus upon.  That is what I would love to share with you now.


First of all, let’s keep in mind what I previously shared about last year, getting in alignment and preparing for the next stages of our journey towards manifesting the lives we truly desire.  With that in mind, one of the most important things to remember is TRUST.  Like I learned last year, some of the darkest, most challenging moments, brought about the most beautiful outcomes.  It is important to keep this in mind through the coming changes.  Yes, as many of us have been feeling, there are many changes coming our way this year and beyond.  Many will be seen physically in our world through planetary changes, others through social and behavioral changes.  Then there will be changes seen and felt much more subtly, as spiritual and energetic changes. 


These changes might feel uncomfortable, even leaving us feeling very anxious (as many, like me might already be feeling) and uncertain or even confused.  This is just part of the assimilation process.  We can just allow ourselves to take in all that we feel, and then remind ourselves that we are in fact safe, and that this is part of the process to moving through the necessary changes.  It will help the process to feel much easier and more joyful.  We know just as we have been getting into alignment with our own souls desires, so must our planet and our world.  We are finding ourselves at a most amazing time, where we have the opportunity to transform and transcend with our planet.  However this is a choice we each get to make.  For these transformations to occur we know everything must change.  The more we surrender and trust the process and allow our hearts to guide us, the easier it will be.


The most powerful thing we can do this year is to maintain our balance no matter what occurs.  We do this by staying heart centered, by being joyful and grateful.  We do this by understanding that these changes are a necessary part of the next stage of our journey.  One of the most powerful (reoccurring) lessons for me last year was how simply shifting my perception of myself, changed my experience with people in my life and what and how I experienced everything.  Using this concept, by each one of us focusing on playing our role, on staying focused and coming from love, joy and gratitude for everything, everyone and every experience, we will change our world. 


The focus becomes on ourselves and how we can be a vehicle for this Divine Design that we are all part of to express through us freely and uniquely.  It’s a time to look around, appreciate everything, everyone and every experience for what it is.  Even when there are things that might not be exactly as we want them yet, there is much to appreciate.  Find those pieces, and feel them, be with them, appreciate them, be grateful for them.  Those pieces that have challenged us have been stepping stones for our learning and growing process.  They have been preparation for the next stages of our journey.  They are beautiful in the lessons that they have triggered.  When we embrace this and all of our life in this way, it opens the door for more love, joy and gratitude to flow in.  It opens the doors of  Divine knowing, abundance, peace, success, health, and so much more.  As we come from Love, from our hearts, we are naturally in sync with one another, everyone and everything.  We can come back to living in harmony with each other, our planet and Universe.  This opens the door for the change that we have been calling for to creating and living Heaven on Earth!


These changes are here now.  That is another reason to be grateful and really appreciate what you have and see around you now.  We do not know how things will look tomorrow.  Even though we know everything is leading to an even more amazing and brighter future, it will be different.  What we have been accustomed to, may very well be different tomorrow.  Though these changes, I believe will lead to a wonderful new outcome, they will be different than what we are used to.  What we have known may no longer exist the way we have known it to be.  We do not have to fear this, however coming to a place of appreciation for what has been, can help to prepare us for what is coming.


I was sitting in my living room yesterday and was guided to look around, observe what my family was doing, how they were interacting, what and how we are used to living.  I was thinking about how we have a pantry or two, and refrigerator full of food, and we can go at any time to grab something to eat, and how many options we have to choose from.  I was even reminded of how many options we had to cook the food, we could microwave it, cook it on the stove, in the oven or toaster oven.  How often I take this for granted.   How easy it is to run to the store and add to our food collection.  I was watching my children play video games, read from one of the many books we have, play with the toys that are scattered all over their room.  I was observing how many choices we have of what we can do, from the home alone.  I felt a special appreciation tonight as we all sat together to watch a silly movie that we rented.  How amazing after all the transitions of this last year, that we were all sitting together, laughing together and discussing the silly happenings from the movie.  I started to feel a strange sense of overwhelming joy, appreciation, and gratitude for this precious moment.  I even found myself appreciating the frustrating moments of my younger two sons fighting over a game today.  Appreciating that we even had this opportunity to all be together and learn from each other in this home that we occupy at this time. 


I was guided a couple of months ago to become vegetarian (for the third or fourth time in this lifetime so far).  It has been a very easy transition for me this time and I have been really appreciating all that I have been consuming, setting the intention to transmute all that is not for my bodies highest good.  I have felt guided that even our eating patterns or habits may shift with the coming changes, and many of us are already being guided towards the preparation for these coming changes.  It is a good idea to listen and follow the guidance you have been receiving towards your eating habits and patterns.  As there may be more behind the changes than you realize.  I was thinking about how powerful the water blessing ceremony was for those of us who were at the Live H2O United by Love event in Long Beach, CA in June of 2009.  Even before that event, in my children’s program, we have incorporated an activity of showing how powerful our thoughts are with water experiments.  The last few years I have spent sharing these experiments with many others, never realizing there may be another reason for doing this.  It has been a practice that I have now been guided is time to include in our every day activities.  Using the power of our thoughts of gratitude, love, joy, peace, healing, success, beauty, abundance, health, to transmute the water that we drink, the food that we eat, the air that we breathe, and all the products we use on a daily basis.  We have the power to do this. I have seen it over and over with our own experiments.  You can also see it with Dr. Emoto’s research, and many others all over the world.  These concepts have been shared with us for a reason.  It is time to take the practice to a whole other level and incorporate it in our every day way of life.  We no longer have to become the victim of anything or anyone, when we wake up to this power that we have within. 


Many of us have learned all sorts of healing modalities, meditation, and other various alternative practices.  It is time to also include these in our daily lives, not just play with them here and there, but really incorporate them into everything that we do.  We can do this with joy and allow it to be fun and powerful way of living.  There are ways to incorporate them into any job, schooling, relationship, friendship, or journey.  Open to your heart and it will show you the way.


Every time I see or feel something that triggers anxiousness, unworthiness, fear or even fear of the unknown, I stop and recognize it.  I take a deep breath, I thank it for serving me, I affirm all that I know to be true (I trust the process of life, life brings me only positive experiences, everything happens for a reason, and is in Divine perfect timing and order, I am safe), exhale as I release the fears, anxiousness, ground myself back into the present moment (with a grounding visualization and breathing).  Then I tune into the connection with the Divine Design that resides within me, and surrender to the role I am here to play.  I surrender the thoughts of tomorrow, of yesterday and come back to this moment.  I remember what a gift it is to be here at this incredible, historical time.  I tune into the love and joy of the moment, of all who share this moment with me, and allow the gratitude to flow from my heart and expand throughout my being and out into our planet and our world.  I breathe it in, and open myself to what ever steps or step that appears and trust enough to take those steps.  I remind myself to simply play my role.  It is ok to be joyful, to come from love and allow myself to be loved.  I open myself to the experience that unfolds, in all its perfection.  This is my practice today and my focus for this year.


I know this sounds simple.  I assure you it is simple, yet very powerful!  In truth we know, we are all One, we are all Divine, we are all Perfect.  There is nothing to fix, nothing to heal, nothing to really change.  It is just allowing our truth to shine through.  It is time to be who we truly are!  Regardless, of what changes are to come, there is only one Truth.  We are Love, Joy, Peace, All Knowing, Abundant, Healthy, Compassion, and Happy in our natural state of being.  We are Perfect!  This is the year to remember!


This is the year of Joy, Love and Gratitude!!  Are you ready for an Extraordinary year?  I know I am, this is my intention!!  I embrace all the changes as they unfold in our world, knowing they too are just playing their role, perfectly.  I embrace the truth of who I AM and my unique expression of the Divine Design I am here to share!  I embrace it All with Grace, Ease, Joy, Beauty and Passion.  And SO IT IS!!


With much Love, Joy and Gratitude to You and for You,


Carolyn Kaufman



 2009 End of the Year


    What an interesting year this has been!  There have been so many transitions in this one year alone; which is appropriately so!  I am starting to write this in November, with the knowing that there is still much more on its way before this year comes to a close!  It’s a great time to stop and look around, and really evaluate where you are within your own life’s journey.  It is such a perfect time for this reflection, here at the end of another year, as we are getting ready to embark on new unknown adventure.  Are you ending this year with more awareness and an increased practice of living in the present moment?  Or when you look around, do you see yourself caught up in the seeming drama filled circumstances that are going on?  Please remember, as always there is no need for judgment here, just observation.  Let’s take a look at what’s going on!


If you have found time enough to pull yourself out of the drama to look around, you may have noticed how fast things seem to be passing by.  It is not your imagination.  Even though many know, there is no such thing as time.  Here in this moment with the mass consciousness at its current vibration, we are still experiencing different variations of time.  It isn’t until we understand this that we can really grasp that information.  For that reason, our world has sped up.  It is actually the shift in the vibration of our planet and ourselves which has lead to the shift in vibration for the mass consciousness.  There are many ways to look at this and learn from it as well.


One way is to understand that it really is just the evolution of our species and planet.  The more we learn and shift our consciousness, the higher we raise our vibration.  The higher we raise our vibration the faster things seem to speed up, until we get to the point of comprehension that there is no time or space.  It is at this point that we can really start having some fun!  If you are not aware of this, it can feel quite confusing and challenging.  When we act out of the ways we have learned from the past, it no longer works. It is like an old antique vehicle that can only reach a speed of 45 miles per hour traveling on a highway surrounded by race cars that are traveling a minimum of 65 miles per hour.  The antique may even start to feel dizzy by all the whizzing by of the other vehicles.  He can’t understand them or even comprehend what he is seeing, because they are all moving too fast.  It can even start to feel very scary, this unfamiliar sight.  He may feel trapped or frozen like a deer caught in the headlights.  How does he adjust to this new speed when the slower one is all that he has known, and where he feels safe.  Now trapped in the complexity of his own fear, he is overwhelmed and may even feel like he wants to give up.  How can he compete with this distressed unknown way?  The intensity of the fear builds up to the point where it feels almost impossible to move at all.  It is at this point that he may or may not realize he has a choice.  He can either give up and live in the reality of constant, heavy struggle and horror filled nightmares or give up in another way and surrender to the unknown.  Let the flow carry him beyond his learned limitations and into balance and alignment with this new speed.  Everyone has this choice, right here, right now! 


We have the option to realize that this is just an opportunity to live, experience and be in a whole new way, other than how we have been living.  We can realize that what we have been taught and how we have been living for so long has served us well.  It is just not in alignment with where our evolution has brought us to today or the direction of our future.  We are in a time of transformational history!!  In the past the transitions happened much more slowly, due to the rate of our vibrations.  Now because our vibration has sped up so incredibly, change is happening at a more accelerated speed than ever before.  That is why many are feeling so much intensity in their lives right now, it is due to the extreme changes that are currently taking place and very much due to the resistance to this change. 


I like to look at it as the most awesome, revolutionary possibility to date!!  I feel so excited every time I think of about it.  We have found ourselves in such a significant time in our world’s history.  It is a time where no one knows exactly what the outcome will be or look like.  We have made this possible through our choices, through our evolution as a species.  We have grown more than many thought possible and at a  much quicker rate!  Just when many thought it was going to be the end, we chose something different. 


Now because of this, we are in a time of unlimited possibilities.  We are on the brink of finding out just how truly powerful we really are.  We are just starting to catch on to what we can do.  It is fascinating!!  We have learned so much to date, and now it’s time to start putting it into action.  We have learned about the power of our thoughts and words.  Now it’s time to start choosing very consciously and deliberately the words that serve us well, instead of the words that confirm what we don’t like or want!!  We have learned about the Law of Attraction, and now it’s time to start putting out into the Universe that which we are ready to receive, instead of playing the victim role as if we have no choice!!  We always have a choice!  We have learned that fear is really just False Evidence Appearing Real, and now it’s time to act only out of love and compassion, and take back the power we have given to the fear. 


The time is now, it’s not too late, it’s never too late, and all that matters is right here, right now. It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday or with whom, what matters is what we learned from it, and how it shaped us into who we are today.   It is time to understand that the real reason people played roles in our lives that seemed to hurt us, is because of how deeply they love us!  It is time to appreciate everyone and every moment!  It doesn’t matter what seeming mistake we may have made, as long as we learned from it.  What matters is today, not yesterday, and not tomorrow, but today.  What matters is to live in the moment, in the place of unlimited possibilities.  It is important that we know the unlimited source that resides within us, that ever-flowing source that each and everyone of us is a part of.  It is time to open ourselves to allow this source to flow more freely and unlimited in our lives here and now.  It is time to accept the blessings that continue to flow and live and be part of the magic that this world is made of!  It is time to Enjoy this experience for everything that it IS! 


With much Love and Unlimited Blessings

Carolyn Kaufman

A New Year of Unlimited Blessings



 A New Year approaches, and the anticipation grows as we move through the end of our current year!  I am reminded what an important shift this truly is!  Sometimes I can see how easy it is to get caught up in the drama of the holidays and life in general.  This can distract from the real transition that is going on!  It is the ending of one phase and the beginning of another.  It’s a death and rebirth along our journey.  That is what I am reminded that Christmas is really about!   The death and re-birth of Jesus…….an incredible and beautiful Teacher!

When the shift from 2006 to 2007 happened, I was anxious to greet the powerful year I knew was upon us.  I had heard it was what many considered to be the year of fire!  I had thought it meant of power and movement, ha ha ha!  If I only knew it was about purification and that the year would look very different than I had expected.  I expected a year filled with growth and opportunities that would look so nice and pretty and might I add gentle.  When I look back now I can see that my expectations through me for a loop!  The year held true to the visions I had of much growth and opportunities!  They just showed up with much more intensity than I had ever imagined, and in very creative ways!  Many of us found ourselves surrounded by, and at times even engulfed in fires (and for some this was very literal).  

There were moments that I forgot about observing the drama and instead got very caught up in it.  The fears, sadness and frustration felt so real for a while that I almost gave into them with out realizing it.  What made it more painful was the judgment for choosing against what I knew in my heart to be true!   After all these years of metaphysical and spiritual not only studies but teaching, how could I be caught up in this drama?  How could I be experiencing so much of what I had been working on letting go of?  How could I continue being a teacher and inspiration to others, when I was deeply stuck in my own muck? 


It really made me re-evaluate the guidance I have been sharing for many years, did I go wrong somewhere?  Did I make a mistake somewhere along the path and didn’t recognize it?  Why else would things seem so out of balance?  So Challenging, so opposite of what I thought I was focusing upon?  And definitely opposite of what I wanted to see in my life!  The more I would review the worse I would feel and thus focusing more on fear, the fear that I chose wrong.  But that was contradictory also, because I don’t believe in a wrong or right choice, I believe that everything happens for a reason, and in perfect Divine Timing and Space.  So what does this all mean, I would ponder and ponder and yet ponder some more?  Thank goodness for wonderful supportive friends and family, who were there for me in many ways!


I found myself getting upset over little things that I knew did not really matter, and yet I gave my energy over to them.  I allowed myself to worry and fret about what might happen or how it would or wouldn’t change to the point that my body had to really speak up (TMJ pain, issues with hands and feet).  How funny I found this, because I was used to practicing the act of surrendering, yet here was my body letting me know I was not balanced in this area at this time. My body was telling me that I was holding on, worrying about the details and having trouble with handling my experiences (the exact opposite of surrender).  What the heck was going on?  More questioning took place followed by more confusion and frustration.  I found my self praying on a regular basis, as I always did, but now with a little more determination and questioning.  Was I still on the appropriate path?   Why weren’t things moving like I thought they would?   Why weren’t they looking the way I thought they should? 


I realized that the more I questioned, the more I was focusing on what I didn’t like or want.  Yet I was having trouble getting the questions and fears out of my mind.  I was reminded of an old spiritual tool I used to use, the practice of mantras.  I decided to give it a try, along with my on-going practices of invoking on the Divine, cutting the cords, grounding and breathing.  Every time I found myself stuck in the old thinking, or thinking I did not wish to create with I began saying a mantra to myself.  It started to work, before I knew it I was back to the present moment of helping at school, being with my children, listening to someone, working, or even doing dishes.  In that present moment I would remember that every thing really was ok.  It was only when I started to think of what would happen tomorrow or how it would happen or worried about repeating the past that I would feel so scared!


I made a choice not to give so much energy to my questioning, judgments or fear any longer.  I decided it was more important to see what changes I could make now.  I felt it was important to check into my present moment and feel where I was supposed to be and BE there.  What a surprise I found when I started to check in……….I was exactly where I was supposed to be.  I didn’t have to know why or how, I just had to remember to be fully in and enjoy the moment, and follow what came to me in that moment.  Easy!  This was everything I had been practicing, and teaching for all these years.  I just had to continue without wavering.  I was also shown intuitively that I had to really let go of my expectations of how the year would look and instead accept how it looked and take one step further to embrace it and give gratitude for it.  I didn’t have to like how it looked, but if I could look past the drama I would see the many blessings in disguise. 


I found myself really learning to practice what I have been preaching to a whole new level!  Completely believing it, knowing it and practicing it, even without seeing it!  When I looked more closely, I learned just how strong my foundation really was and it was much stronger than I realized.  I do truly believe in everything being in perfect Divine Order, and timing.  I believe my future self/ higher self/Divine aspect of Me really knows what is for my highest good, more than my ego does.   My ego only knows what has been up to date, it does not know how to lead me to what I want, to the visions I have of the future (ideal career path, relationships, family harmony, financial freedom…. Etc).  I do really believe everything happens for a reason, even if we do not like it.  Therefore that makes it all ok, I don’t have to like it, I just have to trust it is all happening for a reason and leading me along my path, and will have an outcome better than I can imagine.  I have to pull my power back, my focus back to what I want and what I know to be true now!  Then it just takes continuing the practice, and what ever tools that help me come back to this place. 


I was shown intuitively that I have been working towards these changes in my life for a long time, and that what I had been experiencing this year was more of my old foundation crumbling away!  The old beliefs, patterns, thoughts, and  habits have to crumble to make way for the new ones that are in alignment with my desired vision.  What I found was that sometimes we have to make a choice to be uncomfortable for a bit to allow the changes to take place.  Sometimes the new and different can feel quite uncomfortable but if we allow ourselves to be ok to be uncomfortable it shifts and before we know it we can feel comfortable again, and in our new skin!  And only in this space can we create the new and ideal situations and experiences we have dreamed about!  My old patterns, beliefs, thoughts and habits lead me to what I have to date, and it served me for a long time.  However, it can not bring me what I desire now, it is not in alignment with the unlimited possibilities and miracles that I now know are possible.  My old foundation mostly knew of limitations and a reality filled with fear this closes the doors to my desired vision.  I have to make a choice and then choose to stick with that choice.  This is what will create my new reality it is the Law of Attraction.  What we focus on, we create!  Regardless of where I came from, or what has happened, where I am, what I focus upon is what I am going to create!  That is so powerful!  I choose to claim that power back within myself, remembering that beautiful Divine Being that lies within and remembering that it is an unlimited and ever flowing source!!  This is the flow of my desired vision and my choice for my future!  A future filled with unlimited blessings, miracles, financial freedom and possibilities! 


This choice is what I believe the last year (along with everything leading up to it) had been all about!   It was helping us to purify ourselves as we allow the old foundations to crumble to make way for the new and consciously chosen foundations!  Many of us are pioneers who are paving new paths to inspire others to follow their hearts and unlimited possibilities to create their ideal realities.  This last year was a year of preparation for the work/play that will be coming our way.  Helping us to not only ground and smooth out our foundations but really believe in them, so we will be ready for the incredible journey ahead!  I feel so much excitement building as we move closer to and into 2008, although, I choose to surrender any expectations and instead choose to sit back and enjoy the ride as it unfolds in it’s own perfect Divine Timing and Order!  I look forward to every new moment, experience and blessings in disguise!   Here is to a year of unlimited possibilities and miracles for us all!

The Labyrinth of My Life
***Journey to Compassion

Foreword by Carolyn Kaufman


What an amazing journey this has been, thus far.  Some of the layers of this life seem so far ago, almost as if it’s past life.  Each piece,  no matter how intense has given way to the next layer or experience.  Luckily, I had no idea or memory-shall I say, of what I was in for.  That should be a given for us all, can you imagine if we remembered what we decided to come here to experience.  I realized early on, how the amnesia served me very well.  It was key in my learning and growing process, as it is (as I believe) for all of us. 


Once I entered this life time, if someone would have told me I was in for experiences of abuse, neglect, abandonment, lack, fear, so much sadness, such feelings of separation, inadequacy, unworthiness, incredible low self-esteem, jealousy, criticism, self-sabotage, frustration, anger, impatience, control (in and out of),  pain, pain and more pain, there is no way I would have agreed.  Fortunately we decide well before we step foot into this world or dimension.  Then we set up a veil of amnesia, so we don’t remember exactly the truth of why we are here.  That is for us to discover as our journey unfolds. 

That in itself is such an interesting and could be very controversial concept. 


Through my journey here so far, my perception has shifted many, many times.  After four decades of learning and growing, in crash-course mode the whole way (until recently), I came to a wonderful revelation.  You will find that much of what I now write is based on this revelation.  After reflecting on my four decades, and especially the last two, I realized even with all my spiritual training, crash coursing, I was still in some kind of race.  I found myself shifting from the first decade of racing to fit in, to the second decade of racing for love and approval, next, third decade I was racing to prove I was good enough, and fourth decade I was racing towards enlightenment.  After my 40th birthday and many incredible experiences both positive and negative, I realized even though they were for different things, I was still racing after something.  I asked myself, why was I racing and what would it bring me?  I remembered all the times my guides had questioned to me “Carolyn, where are you going?”  I realized in all that time I spent racing, I was missing out on the most important opportunity, the moment, the now, the only thing that was really available and real.  And this is not a new concept by any means.  In fact, it is something I have been sharing in my own classes, with friends, family, associates.  The moment has been of great discussion in our world over the last decade.  However, knowing it and practicing it are two completely different things. 


This realization led me to the next revelation.  I have always believed that in truth we are all part of the same light, or source if you will.  I call this the Divine Design (God).  In our truest form, we are all love, all knowing, all powerful, fully abundant, fully healed, whole, perfect and complete.  I believed that we created this game called life to experience more fully our true essence.  How better to understand what we are, than to experience what we are not?  I really have always believed this to be true, whole heartedly.  It wasn’t until this year that I learned to really understand it in a new light.  My perception shifted to an understanding that if we, as Divine Design went so out of our way to create this most extraordinary and creative game, then maybe it is time to enjoy it.  Why was I and we, always running away from it, or towards the end of it?  Why was I chasing after enlightenment, when it is exactly that part of me that created this whole game? 


Now becoming completely aware and conscious of this belief, I could shift my perception to really living in the moment and in each experience of each moment.  There is nothing more to race towards.  I can now breathe, relax and oh my goodness…. Enjoy!  What a concept.  Of course I would never take back any part of my experience here thus far, for each one played a part in getting me to this point.  I also believe in Divine perfect timing and order, which means it, is perfect.  I also have learned to believe that everything that happens is the only way it could possibly happen.  And that there are no real mistakes, therefore, it was all on purpose, for our purpose.  

Looking back, I realized I only understood half of the message of the labyrinth.  Towards the end of my third decade, I believed the whole journey to be about the inward journey.  I think in the beginning of my re-awakening, I believed that once I reached that core, I would be done.  This makes me chuckle to think of now, how cute that thought was.  Last year I was intuitively given the name for this book, which I have been waiting to complete for the last ten years.  Of course I completely understand why it had not come together until now.  I was on a spiritual weekend away with a couple of my awesome girlfriends, in Joshua Tree.  I was exploring a labyrinth they had on the property, and as I journeyed towards the center of the labyrinth I started to receive some life-changing guidance and messages.  One of these messages was the name of this book.  Though at that moment, I only understood it as relating to the path we all walk through our journey here in this world.  Now I received the other half.  It is not merely a journey to the core, to our inner-knowing, but a revelation of the truth of our existence.  The next part of the labyrinth then becomes how we take this truth and express and live it through the rest of our journey here.  When you walk a labyrinth, we don’t leave once you get to the middle.  You then start your journey out of the labyrinth.  Wow, what an amazing insight.  With this understanding I now embark on my journey out of the labyrinth of my own life!  I have been guided to take you along with me, and share the layers of precious insight, guidance, lessons and growth that unfolds for me along this walk.  I am and will be forever grateful for this incredible experience, and I am especially grateful for this opportunity to share it with you.  Thank you for following your own inner calling to explore this with me, as we learn and grow together!  Really since we are all one, we are simply viewing another aspect of ourselves.  Let the fun begin!!

Get ready, we have finally arrived in these times, that many of us have seen and been preparing for!




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