I am an Intuitive Life Coach for Light Workers!

Carolyn Kaufman takes you on a journey of unleashing magic and beauty along the labyrinth of your life. Using intuitive guidance, transformational healing and intention setting, Carolyn Kaufman will show you how you can illuminate your path and walk through your labyrinth with a new awareness, enjoying the rest of your journey in pure joy, unconditional love, freedom and abundance.

Any of these thoughts sound familiar?

I need to work through my shadows but scared to do it alone.

My shadows keep getting in the way and I need to work through them to get to the work I am here to do.

I keep manifesting the same challenges over and over.​

I'm ready to break the cycle I'm stuck in.

I'm a Light worker who needs guidance to help me navigate through these uncertain times.

I'm looking for intuitive life coaching not regular therapy.

I am a parent seeking coaching: my parenting methods are not working with my child.

Most of my therapists don't know what I'm even talking about.

I need help with the mind, body, spirit connection. I know the spiritual part but need guidance on connecting my body and mind as a whole. 

Compassion Based Approach

Support That Makes a Difference

Intuitive Life Coaching Sessions

1 on 1 work via Zoom or phone. Carolyn Helps Light Workers navigate through these uncertain times.   

She is a coach for the Light Worker Coaches 

Assists people who have tried regular therapy though need more of an in-tuned and enlightened approach.  

Coaches parents and serves as a bridge for older generations who are looking to learn and understand the new parenting paradigms, tools and the children of today.

Group- Circle of Compassion

Spiritual support circle for all levels of Light Workers.  It's a safe space, where you are supported, and uplifted.  A space where you can share and receive guidance and after the guided meditation leave feeling peaceful and relaxed.

Free with the option of a love donation.

Circles are every other Thursday 7pm

Rainbow Touch Healing (RTH)

Carolyn  often uses distance energy healing with clients.  This type of healing can be done with the client outside the immediate proximity.  With trust established and the clients’ permission, Carolyn uses her intuition to tune in to one’s energy field to identify challenges or blocks.  Once these are identified, she intuits what type of healing would be the most beneficial.  She then channels this healing energy to the client, utilizing the healing modalities she is guided to use to help the client clear energy blocks, and to reduce or relieve pain.  Carolyn helps them to understand the messages of the current issue and shows them which “tools” would be beneficial for clients to use. These tools can include (but are not limited to), meditation practices, applicable affirmations, and relevant resources.  They can use this valuable information on their own to break away from these challenges and help to avoid reoccurrences, thus promoting their own healing process.

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